USS Constitution Limited Edition Collector's Medallion

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The USS Constitution Museum is pleased to offer this commemorative medallion made from copper removed from the hull of USS Constitution. The copper was installed in time for Queen Elizabeth's historic visit to "Old Ironsides" in 1976. Forty years later, the USS Constitution Museum has used the same copper to create this unique collector's item.

The obverse of the medallion depicts USS Constitution under full sail encircled by the words “USS CONSTITUTION” and “Old Ironsides.”  The image is taken from an oil painting by Marshall Johnson (1850-1921), owned by the USS Constitution Museum.

A decorative officer’s button inspired the medallion's reverse.  Currently part of the Museum's collection, the original gilt brass button was authorized by the Navy's uniform regulations of 1802 and depicts an American bald eagle and anchor.  The Museum embellished the image with the core values of the United States Navy: Honor, Courage, and Commitment.

Each medallion measures 1.52 inches and weigh approximately 20 grams.  Each comes with a certificate of authenticity and text card detailing the elements of the piece.  Each coin is sealed in an acrylic holder and is presented in a handsome box.

The USS Constitution Collector’s Medallion is a limited edition of 6000 pieces; each text card included with the medallion details the elements of the piece and is appropriately numbered.  This is the first medallion to be struck out of a set of three scheduled to be released.  Each medallion measures 1.52 inches in diameter and weighs approximately 20 grams. They are sealed in an acrylic holder and presented in a handsome box featuring the Johnson painting.

The medallion was struck in Providence, Rhode Island by Slavatore Tool and Findings, Inc., in July 2016. 

(Medallion image not actual size)