Marshall Johnson ''USS Constitution'' Reproduction - Canvas 8'' X 10''

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The original: this oil on canvas painting, titled simply "USS Constitution," was painted by Marshall Johnson in the late 19th Century and continues to be one of the most cherished and iconic depictions of "Old Ironsides" ever created. Currently is a part of the USS Constitution Museum's collection.

The print: printed on high quality canvas, this striking print utilizes a state of the art giclée process which allows for a faithful reproduction of unparalleled quality. The giclée process involves high resolution photographing or scanning of an original work of art, and offers many advantages over traditional lithography.  Whereas traditional lithography is a four-color process, giclée prints use a greater number of more permanent inks applied with digital precision.

As with any artwork, the print should be kept out of direct sunlight to avoid fading.