Anatomy of the Ship: USS Constitution - Karl Heinz Marquardt

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How was USS Constitution constructed? Find out all about the building of the world's oldest commissioned warship with this guide in the "Anatomy of the Ship" series by Naval Institute Press. Great as a resource guide for new or experienced modelers, this book has hundreds of drawings, illustrations, diagrams, measurements and technical information that the builder, artist, model maker, or naval architect might be interested in. Karl Heinz Marquardt is an internationally known modeler and marine artist whose models are shown in over ten European museums. He is an exceptional draughtsman and is a regular contributor to the Conway journal Model Shipwright. This Volume Features: A full description of the Constitution; most famous historic preserved ship in her 1812-1815 appearance; More than 250 perspectives and 3-view drawings, with in- depth descriptive keys, of every detail of the ship - general arrangements, hull construction, fittings, masts and yards, rigging and sails, and armament; Pictorial section showing full-view and on-board photographs.

128 Pages, Hardbound, 2005 Naval Institute Press