A Perfect Wreck

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On December 29th, 1812 USS Constitution faced HMS Java in an intense battle off the coast of Brazil. Despite having her wheel shot away early in the battle Constitution was nevertheless victorious. After the battle US sailors boarded the enemy ship, and took Java's wheel as their own. After they had transferred all of the surviving British troops to their ship, along with the valuable cargo they found on board Java, they set her ablaze, and it was then Captain Bainbridge remarked, "a perfect wreck we made "

Artist Tom Freeman commemorates this historic day in his painting "A Perfect Wreck". The print features both Constitution and Java, and captures the moment when Constitution was signaling for the Java to surrender. This print is signed and numbered by Ann Freeman, and is part of a limited edition of only 750 copies. The print measures 25 1/2" x 34" and the image size is 20 1/4" x 29". It is unframed.